Tools Capability


Design Automation

This includes parametric solid modeling and drafting, automated blueprint generation, knowledge based engineering, automated computer aided machining.

Modeling and Drafting

This includes solid and surface modeling, parametric feature based modeling, assembly modeling, detailed engineering, piping and routing, design automation, legacy data conversion.

Engineering Analysis

This typically includes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD), Finite Element Analysis (FIA), Multi Body Dynamics (MBD), Noice Vibration Harshness (NVH), Special analysis such as acoustics, etc.

Manufacturing Engineering

Typically includes activities such as CNC programming validation and verification, CMM programming, fixture design and tooling, process planning, tool path generation and tool selection.

Plant Design Engineering

We offer a wide range of engineering services including basic engineering, extended basic engineering, detailed design, 3D modeling, project management, site supervision support, as-built technical documentation, and onsite placement of manpower.
We support in Placing orders in various equipments/system & review vendor data, along with established Plant Desegn Systems (PDS) & Plant Design Management System (PDMS) enables us to deliver 3D models of the plant.
We are rigorously monitoring the Safty codes, Customer Standards, Engineering Practices, Inteference, Data Integrity.


This includes scanning CMM, laser scanning, white light scanning, Class-A surface modeling, 3D parametric solid modeling, 2D detail drawing, baseline drawing.

Civil Engineering

ACCESS works on wide range of civil engineering services ranging from concept design to creation of as-built drawings.

Technical Publications

Typically includes technical illustrations, technical writing, data generation, data conversion, data maintenance.